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Case study: Business Management Paper 1 May 2023 - Skandvig Terra PLC (SVT)


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WORKSHOP: Unlock the secrets of the Business Management Paper 1 May 2023 

Skandvig Terra (SVT) Case Study

What is the workshop about?

This workshop is dedicated to the Business Management Paper 1 May 2023 - Skandvig Terra (SVT) PLC case study

When and where?

Thursday, 23rd February 2023, 13:00 – 16:00 GMT, through Zoom


WORKSHOP: The new IA in IB Business Management (SL/HL)

What is the workshop about?

This 4-hour intensive workshop intends to support you in teaching, supervising, and marking the new IB Business Management Internal Assessment!

When and where?

Saturday, 4th March 2023, 11:00 – 15:00 GMT, through Zoom


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“I have been struggling to find valid and well-organised resources. I needed something simple but effective to use. I needed to be accessible by the students and I needed it as a planning tool and a basis for my lesson in class. I was working long hours on creating my own resources based on my previous experience. And then I had a vision that I wanted to support and other IB teachers… and this was the beginning of ibGenius.”
Eva Stavrinaki, ibGenius co-founder and IB Business teacher

ibGenius is an e-learning environment that improves the learning experience and makes life easier for IB students and teachers. ibGenius offers friendly and interactive online high-quality presentations, quizzes and other resources that cover IB Business Management syllabus and IB Economics.


We offer quizzes that include a variety of question styles in a user-friendly environment that engage students inside and outside the classroom.


We enhance learning and improve students’ performance by covering all areas of the syllabus with multiple levels of difficulty questions.

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We save time for both teachers and students with automated feedback, tracking individual and class progress and pre-organized resources.

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Teachers said about ibGenius

Really useful to my students boosting both knowledge and confidence.
— Pete. UK
It is a good value for money. Students could move at their own pace. It relieved me from time and pressure in having to prepare so many resources.
— Elaine, Malta
it made an excellent addition to the range of paper 1 resources we make available to our students.
— David, Switzerland

ibGenius was an award finalist at the EdTech Week in London 2019!