Why ibGenius

ibGenius is a friendly e-learning environment that helps students to improve and at the same time, it is an “all-in-1” tool for teachers!

And the best part is here to come….the ibGenius aims at becoming a valuable “teacher assistant”. We teachers can then run classes easily, effectively and inspiring where our students thrive!

We are an e-learning platform but a different one! IbGenius offers unique features that no other IB e-learning platform has!

Our motto for our students is “The more you play, the more you learn!”


Students engage more and improve

  • 3 levels of increasing difficulty quizzes
  • Revision quizzes
  • At least 70% passing grade
  • Explanation for each correct answer
  • Unique quizzes generated from a question bank
  • Tracks progress, attempts and grades
  • User friendly environment

Teachers save time and manage their classes easily and effectively

  • Auto marking for all quizzes
  • Class reports that can be exported
  • Track record for all chapters to identify areas of improvement
  • Class roaster for each year group and level (SL/HL)
  • Flipped classroom and blended teaching approach

Updated with the new syllabus (first exams 2016)

  • Quizzes for all units
  • Question bank
  • Customized quizzes for SL&HL

Trusted by 57 schools in 32 countries

(Countries are in alphabetical order)


ibGenius was an award finalist at the EdTech Week in London 2019!