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Improve your IB Business Management students' results with smart e-learning

Helps you manage your class and inspire your students to continuously improve!

  • Presentations for all Chapters

  • Auto-marked quizzes (two levels of difficulty with the use of a question bank of more than 1200 questions)

  • Separate SL & HL quizzes (They can be assigned on a weekly basis as homework, classwork or quiz)

  • Class reports auto-generated to monitor your students' progress

  • Full CUEGIS e-learning course - NEW

  • IA guidelines and tracking progress (available until the end of September 2019)

  • Teachers and students who have an annual subscription in this, they get the Paper 1 e-learning course for free

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We offer quizzes that include a variety of question styles in a user-friendly environment that engage students inside and outside the classroom.


We enhance learning and improve students’ performance by covering all areas of the syllabus with multiple levels of difficulty questions.

Save Time

We save time for both teachers and students with automated feedback, tracking individual and class progress and pre-organized resources.

Teachers said about ibGenius

Really useful to my students boosting both knowledge and confidence.

— Pete. UK

It is a good value for money. Students could move at their own pace. It relieved me from time and pressure in having to prepare so many resources.

— Elaine, Malta

it made an excellent addition to the range of paper 1 resources we make available to our students.

— David, Switzerland