Free Workshop for Teachers

How to manage stress & uncertainty



The COVID-19 pandemic has added more stress to the already high-stressed IB teachers.

Teachers have been operating in crisis mode for quite some time and while some stress is normal, chronic unmanaged stress depletes our energy and can be harmful to our health!

Here at ibGenius, being part of the IB community we believe that stress management is essential for the well-being of teachers and that’s why we are organising this free 4-week stress management workshop.


Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for all teachers who want to learn how to reduce stress and increase their focus and their energy levels.

What will we do during the workshop?

During this workshop we are going to take a holistic approach to stress management, working with your:

  • Body – Learn how to relax and ground yourself
  • Heart – Understand and manage your emotions
  • Mind – Use a simple but profound calming mindfulness practice
  • Spirit – Know thyself and connect with your inner intelligence

If you are preparing your students for May’s exams we don’t want to add more to your already full plate; you have the option to attend the workshop either live or you can practice at your own pace with the recorded sessions.

When and where?

The workshop took place through Zoom at April 2021.

All the workshop’s material & recordings is available at the ibGenius smart e-learning platform; so even if you could not attend it live you can access it when it’s more convenient for you.

About the trainer

Bill Valandreas is the co-founder & CTO of ibGenius, he holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry and has 25+ years of experience in IT leadership positions.

He practices meditation for 20+ years and during the last 5 years teaches the Holistic Intelligence Meditation method.

Bill is passionate about education, holistic intelligence, exponential technologies and he strongly believes in the teachers’ magic role for shaping tomorrow's leaders that will shape the future of humanity!

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