Case study: Paper 1 May 2024 - Before One PLC (BON)

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Case study: Paper 1 May 2024 - Before One PLC (BON)


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  • Presentations for teaching the case study with resources and activities
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  • Analysis of the case study organized according to the IB units
  • Exam style questions with answers
  • Mock exams per level (HL & SL) with the mark schemes!
  • Class reports auto-generated to monitor your students' progress
  • Teachers' versions of presentations and answers to the activities
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  • EXTRA BONUS! Revision auto-marked quizzes for the whole syllabus (Question bank of 1200 questions)!

Why to choose the ibGenius interactive e-course for Paper 1 preparation?

1. Ready-made lessons and a variety of resources
The ibGenius Paper 1 May 2024 - Before One PLC (BON) case study is a well-planned and effective complete e-course that will prepare your students. The course includes online presentations, exam-style questions, auto-marked quizzes, Mock exams, and a separate section with answers and mark schemes for teachers.
2. Complete preparation for Paper 1 and all topics revision
The e-course is organised in a way that offers resources that help students to prepare for May 2024 Paper 1 and to revise all topics linked to the case study. This year the e-course has two mock exams for even better exam preparation. The ibGenius through the online quizzes that cover both Paper 1 May 2024 - Before One PLC (BON) case study and all Units of the syllabus provides a valid track record of your student's progress.
3. Interactive e-learning environment & downloadable resource
E-learning has become an integral part of our teaching. Students have more opportunities to work independently at their own pace and become better problem-solvers. The ibGenius Paper 1 e-course for May 2024 Before One PLC (BON) case study offers the opportunity for students to deepen their commitment to better exam preparation. ibGenius Paper 1 e-course offers everything teachers and students need for their exam preparation.
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— Elaine, Malta
it made an excellent addition to the range of paper 1 resources we make available to our students.
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Business Management Paper 1 May 2024  Case Study: Before One PLC (BON)