Case study: Radeki de Dovnic Manufacturing

Get prepared with an e-course that will help your students thrive in Paper 1!

May 2019 Case study: Radeki de Dovnic Manufacturing

You get everything you need for Paper 1:

  • Presentations for teaching the case study with resources and activities

  • Auto-marked quizzes with key definitions and business tools applied to the case study

  • Auto-marked revision quizzes for all topics that are in the case study

  • Analysis of the case study organized according to the IB units

  • Mock exam (SL & HL) with the mark scheme

  • Class reports auto-generated to monitor your students' progress

  • Teachers' versions of presentations and answers to the activities

  • Interactive and easy to use

  • EXTRA BONUS! Revision auto-marked quizzes for the whole syllabus (Question bank of 1200 questions)!