Thank you, you reserved your seat!

Thank you!!

You reserved your seat

When: Sunday 3rd March 2019 17:00 UTC
Duration: 60 minutes

This Sunday we are meeting online to discuss how to help teachers engage and motivate students to analyze and evaluate the Paper 1 May 2019  "Radeki de Dovnic Manufacturing" case study while revising the linking parts of the syllabus.

In addition, we will examine possible questions for the May exam! 

The webinar will have two parts. In the first one, it's on Youtube Live and we will focus on the teaching approaches.

In the second part, we will have the opportunity to meet online and exchange ideas on the Zoom platform.
(For the zoom meeting please use headphones in order to avoid echo).

You can download the Zoom app for mobile or tablet here:

In between, you can always contact me at 

Thank you!!

Eva Stavrinaki

Eva Stavrinaki
Chief Education Officer

"The more you play the more you learn!"