Free live webinar

Discussing the challenges in planning and teaching IB Economics

FREE live Webinar

Discussing the challenges in planning and teaching IB Economics

ibGenius offers a FREE LIVE webinar for teachers focusing on tips for planning and teaching the IB Economics syllabus. The new IB Economics syllabus has created new challenges for teachers and the need for flexible and efficient teaching methods and tools.

The objectives of the webinar are:

  • to embrace the new syllabus, including key concepts
  • to discuss the challenges of planning and teaching the new syllabus
  • to discuss teaching approaches and tools with the use of technology and other resources

The webinar is ideal for new teachers in IB Economics as well as for experienced ones that would like to find out new ways of teaching the syllabus.

When: Thursday, 24th June 2021 15:30 GMT
Duration: 60 minutes


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    Meet the facilitators

    Rachel Roberts comes to ibGenius with a wealth of experience in teaching (Economics at IB/GCSE/Foundation course level) and has worked with established institutions for almost 20 years.This includes several years training executives in banking, pharmaceutical and soft drinks industries.

    Rachel enjoys developing creativity in education and exploring experiental learning.She holds much value in encouraging and engaging students to build confidence in achieving their true potential - with a nudge to the betterment of society and the environment.

    Rachel Roberts

    Dr. Costas Vorlow has been teaching Economics for the International GCSE, IB diploma and International A levels in Greece since 2014. Previous positions include a lectureship at Durham University UK where he taught Economics and Econometrics at graduate and postgraduate level and also senior economist in the private banking and investment sector.

    He believes that studying Economics at a high school level, allows students to become better decision makers, more balanced personalities and acquire a much better view of the world around them.

    Rachel Roberts

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