Paper 1 interactive e-course for SCHOOLS + Online Workshop


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Get prepared with an e-course that will help your students thrive in Paper 1!

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A smart e-learning course that includes:

  • Ideas and activities for teaching the case study in class

  • Presentations with analysis, STEEPLE & SWOT for the case study

  • Quizzes with key definitions and application of business tools for the case study

  • Revision quizzes for all topics that are in the case study

  • Mock exam with the mark scheme

  • Easy to use

  • All quizzes are auto-marked

  • Class reports auto-generated

Also, the live workshop:
Unlock the secrets of Paper 1 May 2021 – Multi Marketing case study

What is the workshop about?

This workshop is specialized and dedicated in the Business Management Paper 1 May 2021 – Multi Marketing case study

Who should attend?

It is designed for all teachers who teach IB Business Management.

What will we do during the workshop?

  • Overview of Paper 1 exam requirements
  • Crack down and understand the Paper 1 May 2021 – Multi Marketing case study
  • Effective and practical strategies for supporting your students to prepare for Paper 1 – exam skills
  • Discuss possible exam-style questions
  • Tips for classroom activities (online and physical classes)
  • Lot’s of Q&As
  • Meet online as a global community!

When, what is the cost and where?

  • Saturday 27th February 2021, 11:00 – 14:00 GMT
  • 60€ (plus VAT, if applicable)
  • The workshop is through Zoom
  • The workshop has limited number of participants so that we create an engaged team and collaborate effectively
  • Our annual memberships have FREE access to this workshop and priority in reservation

Any extras?

  • Choose the COMBO Paper 1 May 2021 e-course & Workshop and get both at a discounted price.